Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I trust you because I'm not afraid to trust anymore. I always wanted to live in a roller coaster even when the Venus part of my being wanted security and safety. I trust you because I'm not afraid to fall from the cliff all the way down into the neon waters, dive deep all the way to the bottom, feel the sand on my feet and then push myself back up. I trust you because your heart is pure like sapphire and your veins are holding the brilliant light that softly leaking into the white room and our energies. I trust you because you think about me when I don't think about you, you figure me out when I ask to be figured, you channel your blessing towards my third eye and I see you, I see that purple sparkling deeming color absorbing through my pores and filling my ovaries. It's sexy and storming. U see me, you see my queen, you see my diva and my child, you see my time. I trust you because I choose to, I'm aware of you, I trust you because I do. 
My vulnerability and my strength trusts you. 
The intuition in me trusts you. Tonal in me trusts you. 
The God in me knows it is safe to trust. The lover in me damn knows it is safe to trust. The power in me is growing till it reaches the home land - the sky, comes back to the roots, comes back to the previous incarnation and finds who we are and brings it back. Then it knows it is safe to trust. Kama and Moksha in me knows it is safe to do that.
I am a holographic fish,  I am a mysterious snake. I am a warrior, I am a worrier. I am a general, I am a soldier. Didn't you know? I am the voice of love, I am a diamond of pain, I am a delivery instrument, I am a body and a soul.
You are a pearl flower, You are a beautiful zebra. You are a balancer, You are a volunteer. You are a mother that we never had, You are a doctor that we all come to for the elixir of happiness. You are the feeling of freedom but you are an opal of confusion. You are the lesson of trust, You are a body and a soul. 
Who we are? We are the same. You see now. Now you know everything and I'm not afraid. My secrets are kept in your heart and you tell them to the whole world but nobody will ever know who I am. Your visions told you to tell me to tell my secrets to scream. Your genius and I'm just a little girl who wants to be in your arms. You bless me with your gifts that you receive from your Gods. I accept them humbly and now I know how to let go…
Happiness and love in me trusts you forever. So let's cross out all limitations, let's rewrite the constitution of life, let's make mistakes on purpose because we have a new name for "mistake" and its "свобода"…

Friday, January 11, 2013

Lonely & Religious

Don't ask me why I'm Lonely!
It's when you wake up in the middle of the evening and it's already dark outside and it has been pouring all day. You can still hear the sound of the drops outside and that behind the windows EQed "zzzhhhhh" of New York City streets. Its car gears, air-conditioners, people thinking, water moving and the "never-sleeps" air. Everything is perfectly mixed and mastered without ProTools in a beautiful trance. We for some reason call "noise"?...
You lay in a big nice bed where the other half of it is piled with bags and clothes. And its dark.
No. There's light coming from the other room. Who is home?
Then you realize that your the one who always leave the light on... You realize that they are not there. Nobody is there. You get this feeling of being all alone, only one, in the whole universe. You are in the center of the world but you are so lonely. And you know that if you want to hug them you cant cuz they are not there. You can't just go out, take a cab, subway or bus and come to them. You will end up coming to nowhere, to oblivion. You are on the island with water around and there's no way... You have no one you can come to and cry and say you love them. Tears start coming down, you close your eyes and try to imagine other times, the past. You want to come back and just be happy but you know that all this is your choice so you get up and go.
You stand in the bathroom and look in the mirror. You see your ugly face and say: "How will I become a star?"And here you know that the God is your help, the God is the only one you can come to.
You go and take your notebook to write this all down to remember and appreciate things...
So don't ask me why I'm Religious!
(March 13, 2010)

Jan 11, 2013 new moon in Sagittarius...

Friday, July 6, 2012

@KarryPerry "Part of me"3D. Really thankful to her and the prod team for this film. I strongly recommend to watch it, especially for singers

Wednesday, September 28, 2011